Effective Communication Skills

This workshop gives participants the tools they need to communicate their ideas with clarity and precision whether in a one-on-one meeting, an email, a conversation, or a big meeting.

The participants walk away with practical communication tools that they can use for the entire communication cycle: before, during, and after. The workshop is highly interactive and is a mix of lecture, group discussion, and small group practice. At the end of the workshop, participants practice communicating their business points for feedback from peers and from the instructors.


Before: Critically think through the important context

  • What’s my AIM (audience, intent, and message)?
  • What’s the most appropriate medium for communicating my message (Slack, email, a meeting, a presentation)?


During: Communicate with Clarity

  • Frameworks for emails and conversations to make your point crystal clear
  • How to navigate emotions during communication
  • Actively listen


After: Check for Understanding and Seek Feedback

  • How to assess successful communication
  • When to switch mediums
  • Techniques to seek feedback


Length: 2 hours

Class Size: 20 participants or less