Better Remote Meetings

More than ever, companies are growing globally, which requires employees to engage with offices in other countries on a regular basis. These conference calls and video sessions can often prove challenging to all parties involved. For example, miscommunication is rampant due to pronunciation and cultural factors, which can result in missed deadlines, frustration, loss of productivity, and even a total breakdown of a project.


While many companies require second language learners to undergo training, not much is being done in terms or raising awareness of what native speakers can do to help solve the problem.

Lighthouse Communication offers a 90- minute workshop on improving communication in a global work environment for the US offices. Special emphasis will be on improving communication and productivity of calls and video conferences by providing strategies to engage people in remote offices.

Topics include:

  • Meeting set-up to maximize engagement
  • Embedding pauses to allow for processing of content
  • How to phrase questions that will increase understanding and encourage input
  • Using technology to get feedback from non-native speakers
  • Understanding cultural differences relevant to work
  • Strategies for overcoming intelligibility problems

Methods include discussion and mock calls/meetings.  Participants will be able to immediately apply what they have learned in short workshop.


Length: 90 minutes

Class Size: up to 30 people

Cost: Email or call for pricing