Lighthouse is all about effective communication – whether it’s a meeting, presentation, conversation or email. We deliver engaging workshops and coaching sessions, both in person and virtually, that leave our clients feeling confident and prepared.

What People Say

“Lighthouse is an absolute joy to bring onsite and our team members love the full-day Effective Presentation Skills Course. Participants say that it’s one of the most impactful trainings they’ve ever attended.”

Laura Delamare, People Development Specialist at Lyft

“Effective Presentation Skills was a really terrific workshop – so practical, inspiring, and a really great use of time for all of us. I loved seeing how everyone improved throughout the day and how great they were at giving each other constructive feedback.”

Marissa Phillips, Content Strategy Manager at Airbnb

“Lighthouse can help your engineers get to the point and deliver powerful, engaging, and informative talks. At QCon, we partnered with Lighthouse to do  speaker training. I saw a direct change in the quality of our talks.” 

Wesley Reisz, Chair of QCon Conferences

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