Effective Presentation Skills


Practicing confidence through “The Matador Walk”

Level 1: Effective Presentation Skills Workshop

The workshop gives participants the tools they need to craft and deliver their ideas with poise and confidence whether in a one-on-one, a big meeting, or a major presentation.


Each participant delivers a 3-5 minute presentation with feedback at the end and will also receive numerous opportunities throughout the day to practice speaking in front of the group. After the workshop, participants view their videos and then have time to talk with the instructor about ideas for improvement. This workshop has been a mainstay at companies like Facebook and Netflix for four years.


Learning Objectives:


  • Discuss strategies to reduce nervousness and increase credibility
  • Learn to use effective pausing and emphasis
  • Reduce filler language
  • Improve content using stories and concrete, specific language
  • Develop ability to use stories to present date in a more compelling fashion
  • Assess their audience and tailor presentations accordingly
  • Learn the preparation process necessary for a winning speech
  • Learn to organize content using outlines
  • Make a 3-5 minute presentation in the workshop and receive personalized feedback and video
  • Prepare a concrete self-development action plan to improve current skills


Length: 1 -Day (7.5 hours)

Class Size: 10 or less

Cost: Email or call for pricing