Multi-Week Courses for Non-Native Speakers

This multi-week workshop covers the same material as the full-day workshop but is spread out over a month. The class meets for 90 minutes over a four- week period. This schedule may be beneficial for employees who are unable to take a full day off for training, but are able to meet for a couple hours at a time.


Topics can include pronunciation/accent reduction, syllable and word stress, pace, sentence intonation, common grammatical errors, and the rhythm of American English. Participants will then receive intensive exercises to practice outside of class to reinforce this learning.


The course will also focus on daily workplace communication such as active listening, small talk, strategies for contributing at meetings and on conference calls, how to give constructive feedback, and business vocabulary that is useful for various common business situations. As participants practice these techniques, they receive feedback and specific advice to help them with their daily communication needs at work. The course will culminate with participants preparing, rehearsing, and presenting a presentation on an assigned topic. They exchange feedback with other participants and the instructor. Their presentations are video-taped and used to help clients create a long range goal plan.


Methods include structured speaking exercises, role playing, free responses, mock meetings, confidence-building activities, and short presentations, and intensive practice exercises for students to complete outside of class.  Because all activities are work-related, participants will be able to immediately apply what they have learned in the workplace.


Length: 1.5 hours x 4 weeks

Class Size: 6-10 participants