Advanced Presentation Skills

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This class is designed for people who consider themselves to be competent public speakers that wish to gain new insights and techniques that they can use to move their skills to a higher level. The course is also geared for those who previously attended the Effective Presentation Skills course and wish to continue advancing.


People present continually, whether at informal meetings, at internal tech-talks, at industry conferences. In all of these situations, speakers with an engaging style who can persuade their listeners with powerful ideas enjoy a huge advantage.


This Advanced Presentation Skills workshop will help you be that someone. It challenges you to take your skills to the next level by incorporating everything you’ve learned in the workshops: Confident delivery, compelling introduction and content, and effective slides. The class is fast-paced, interactive, and hands-on. Throughout the class, you will be presenting and refining your two-minute presentation. You will receive vigorous feedback throughout the process, and will be filmed for your review.


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop and revise, rehearse and re-deliver a two-minute presentation
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each style and strategies to overcome potential pitfalls
  • Test the effectiveness of their hook
  • Learn how to strengthen their connection with the audience
  • Learn how to improve the effectiveness of their slides
  • Refine their vocal variety and body language during delivery
  • Review film of their presentation & develop a self-improvement plan


Pre-work: Come to the training with a 2-minute presentation and 3 slides on the topic of your choice. Be prepared to refine your presentation during the workshop.

Prerequisite: Attend the regular training first

Class Size: 6-8

Format: 3.5 hours

Class size: 10 or less

Cost: Email or call for pricing