Advanced Presentation Skills

group presRemember those conferences where one presenter stood out? The one that listeners were lined up to talk to? That could be you. Whether it’s a conference, an internal meeting or an informal conversation, the person with the right story, the right point is the one that we remember. This class goes beyond the basics of effective presentations and will help you see, understand and emulate what top-of-their-game speakers do. 

We’ll combine content from previous workshops with new insights, examples and exercises that unlock your potential to excel in presenting ideas and making them memorable.

We’ll cover effective use of slide to reinforce and enhance understanding and well as techniques for Q and A sessions. 

This lively, interactive workshop features plenty of time to practice what you’ve learned about content, delivery and slide prep along with instructor feedback throughout. And importantly, we’ll focus on the review and revise cycle, the key to compelling results.


Participants will:

  • Build and test a “hook”
  • Experience the review, revise, rehearse cycle for a short presentation
  • Gain and practice tips for effectively presenting with slides
  • Learn and role-play techniques for managing tough questions
  • Review video of the presentation and develop a self-improvement plan 


Length: 3.5 hours

Class Size: 8 or less