Effective Meetings Skills

Participation in meetings, video conferences and calls is critically important for success in  business. However, because non-native speakers might feel self-conscious about their English, they often remain silent or struggle to understand what is being said in the meeting. This is not only frustrating for the non-native speakers, but also for others on the team who expect them to contribute their ideas.


This workshop offers strategies for non-native speakers to overcome this challenge and to give them the confidence to contribute more. Most important, it provides a safe environment where they can practice the skills they need. Topics include cultural expectations, active listening techniques, key language for expressing ideas in a meeting setting, how to distill key messages into concise points, how to structure points off the cuff, strategies for inserting oneself into the conversation and getting out, pronunciation techniques for clarity on calls.


Lighthouse teachers use a combination of structured practice exercises, vocabulary practice, and mock meeting role-plays to help them quickly get up to speed on these important skills. The workshop is interactive and fast-paced.


Length: 2  hours

Class Size: 10 participants or less