Elevate your English

Whether with colleagues, clients, or partners, the ability to clearly explain and influence through effective and confident communication is a significant benefit. However, this can be a challenge for many non-native English speakers due to cultural differences and language challenges.

This 3-hour workshop enables non-native English speakers to improve their ability to communicate more effectively in business settings. Through a combination of instruction, small group practice, and individual feedback, this workshop highlights best practices and raises awareness of the skills required to become an effective speaker.

This workshop covers three pillars of Effective Communication:

  • Be clear: How to improve your pronunciation and clarity of speech.
  • Be concise: Participants learn and practice frameworks for making clear and concise points.
  • Be confident: How to look and feel more confident; including tips for overcoming nervousness and body language techniques.


Format: 3 hours

Class size: 20 participants or less