Transforming Presentation Skills | Webinar Series


In this series of three short recorded webinars, you will learn the elements of effective presentation skills, including tips on how to prepare, how to create great slides, and how to deliver your presentation with confidence. With plenty of examples and best-practices, this series will lay the groundwork for a successful presentation experience. Follow-up the course with a 45-minute 1:1 coaching session (held remotely) to receive tailored individual feedback on a specific presentation or more general delivery feedback. This series was created for technical presenters giving a conference talk, though the suggestions will benefit anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.



Webinar 1 | How to Prepare

Creating a memorable presentation requires flexing some muscles that many of us don’t get to use very often. In this session, Anne and Christine will teach a short preparation process to help you build a memorable talk. We’ll discuss how to:

  1. Have a clear point
  2. Think about your audience
  3. Structure your talk
  4. Add stories, analogies and other fun insights
  5. Maintain audience engagement



Webinar 2 | Create Your Slides

When slides rely too heavily on words and bullet points, the audience can become distracted and confused trying to read the slides and listen to the presenter. Christine will discuss some visually-rich options for slides that will engage and focus the audience. We will discuss how to:

  1. Develop an effective message for each slide
  2. Create strong visual companions
  3. Reduce noise on the slide
  4. Apply best practices to sharing image, data, equation and code slides
  5. Use the blank screen to your advantage



Webinar 3 | Deliver with Confidence

Speakers with an engaging delivery style can engage and persuade their listeners with powerful ideas. You can be one of those speakers! Learn how to:

  1. Manage nerves before and during your talk
  2. Come across as confident and credible
  3. Develop effective gestures and open body language
  4. Use vocal variety
  5. Handle Q&A like a pro


Package 1: Access to videos for 1 Month

Package 2: Access to videos for 1 Month plus 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Session