Webinars on Presentation Skills

Preparing and practicing for a presentation can be overwhelming. How can you turn all the details you have to share into strong content? What’s the best way to create slides that will engage your audience? How can you deliver confidently when you’re nervous? A two-part webinar focuses on these topics and more.


Webinar 1: How to Prepare


Creating a memorable presentation requires flexing some muscles that many of us don’t get to use very often. In this session, we teach a short preparation process to help you build a memorable talk.


We’ll discuss how to:


  • Have a clear point
  • Think about your audience
  • Structure your talk
  • Add stories and analogies and other fun insights
  • Maintain audience engagement
  • Make clear and engaging slides




Webinar 2: How to Deliver


Speakers with an engaging style can engage and persuade their listeners with powerful ideas. You can be one of those speakers!


We’ll discuss how to:


  • Manage nerves before and during your talk
  • Come across as confident and credible
  • Develop body language for presenting
  • Use best practices for delivery: pacing and emphasis
  • Handle Q +A