Amazing class. Incredibly concise breakdown of how to construct a presentation.

-Lyft employee, Effective Presentation Skills Participant


This workshop was awesome! I felt a rapid and big improvement on my skills just after this workshop! Facilitator was really great to include personalized feedback for everybody and he was providing great examples for each topic and presenting them perfectly so that we could learn by just listening or watching. 

-Effective Presentation Skills Participant


Michael was excellent. Put the class at ease, helped us identify, target, and begin to address our hangups, and was himself an incredible presenter. Very knowledgeable, positive, and engaging.

-Lyft Employee, Effective Presentation Skills Participant


This was a really terrific workshop – so practical, inspiring, and a really great use of time for all of us. I loved how you got us all to speak early/often throughout the day and even share personal stories. There was a vulnerability we all had to bring to it, but we also had so much support for one another. I loved seeing how everyone improved throughout the day and how great they were at giving each other constructive feedback.

-Marissa Phillips, Content Strategy Manager at Airbnb


I’ve had a lot of presentation skills training in the past; this definitely ranks very highly on the list of trainings (possibly the best ever). I loved the instant feedback, the practice sessions, and the focus on recording and watching videos. I think it really challenged us to understand our presentation styles, and Anne was an amazing instructor. I hope this opportunity is given to other Facebook employees in the future!!

1. Very hands on – appreciated that it wasn’t just a one way prezo
2. Clear advice and action items on how to improve

This should be a must for every FB employee. Definitely the #1 training I’ve done.

-Facebook manager, 2017


Today I received a JavaOne Rockstar award for the talk that you helped me with last fall. This award is based on the top rated talks from the conference. Thank you for your insight, your help, and your contributions to other speakers on my team since then!

-Netflix Engineering Manager


Anne was beyond terrific. So helpful and thoughtful and available to answer questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve aspects of communication.

-Stanford Graduate Business School Student, 2016


Lighthouse not only coached me on English grammar but also on communication approach and delivery style, which are more important and more relevant to workplace communication. For example, I used to find my conversation off  topic very frequently, then I learned the  P.R.E.P framework. Now though I still have a lot of room to improve, my conversation is much more concise.  My manager noticed the improvement in my presentations skill. The coaching is invaluable to me. 

-Danni Liang, Manager at Facebook


I’ve had a lot of success both professionally and personally with my talks, and I owe Lighthouse a lot of thanks. The most beneficial thing I’ve learned is to practice the talks via repetition, record the talks, and then really analyze what I need to change or do to make it better.

-Ben Lesh, Senior UI Engineer at Netflix 


I found the workshop really helpful. It led me to transform my talk quite a bit and deliver something I felt was much better than what I had originally planned out. It was a night and day difference between before and after your class. I felt pretty well prepared and like I had a good talk going and primarily needed to focus on just executing the talk properly, and I think I did a decent job of that.

-Facebook Engineer


This was one of the best trainings I’ve done at my company. It worked through so many roadblocks I face during public speaking like pace, breathing and what to do to prepare.   

-Facebook Employee


All non-native English speakers should take this course (Elevate your English).

-LinkedIn Employee


This week I spoke in front of 75 people in NYC. It was my first public speech since I joined Anne’s ESL coaching, and I’m pretty confident that it’s the best talk I’ve given so far. I paced myself, didn’t rush through the slides, and barely mispronounced a word. In most talks I catch a glimpse or two of someone having trouble understanding something I just said, but that was not the case this time.

-Facebook Manager from Puerto Rico


Anne is very friendly and supportive, evaluates and understands the needs and desires of participants. Great class!!

-LinkedIn Employee


Wanted to let you know that the Techstars talk was really well received this morning! Thanks for all your feedback and tips… I was very comfortable with the material and the crowd.

-Director, Facebook


Amazing suggestions. Thanks Michael for a really great session. I saw so much impact in such short time!

Effective Presentation Skills Participant


Excellent, practical and fun course. Class was small enough for each person to receive ample coaching and large enough for audience feedback. I really like my classmates too. Everyone was supportive and encouraging.

Effective Presentation Skills Participant


Loved the class – felt like it was worth the time away from work (and seldom feel this way about day long classes!). Anne was awesome, I felt like I walked away a MUCH IMPROVED public speaker.

Effective Presentation Skills Participant