The Business of Storytelling: Level II

Description: Create a compelling story. Engage your listener. Earn trust. Close the sale quickly. Can anyone become a good storyteller? Is it a skill that can be taught? Is it possible to learn when to use storytelling? Yes, Yes, and Yes.


With the understanding that storytelling is one of the most powerful and memorable tools of communication, and building on the principals of ‘From Good to Great I’, this workshop goes deeper into the nuts and bolts of story. This isn’t for the passive listener. The smaller group allows for each participant to have the opportunity to share their stories for coaching and nuanced feedback from the instructors and the group. Film clips and images will be included that reinforce main points. Students will leave class with practical tools, an understanding of how stories build trust, shorten a sales cycle, and create an authentic relationship.


Topics include:


• Stretching beyond the comfort zone with story.
• Story Structure, Inciting Incidents, Increased Stakes • How to make your good story, a GREAT Story
• Delivering stories for nuanced feedback
• Know your audience. Intentionally speaking. Edit.
• Know the rules. Know when to break them.



Class size: 20 or less with 2 teachers

Length: 2 hours

Cost: Email or call for pricing