Present with Confidence

Present with Confidence: How to feel and look more assured  in your next presentation


If you’re terrified of public speaking, don’t despair. Change your mindset instead. If you tweak your thinking about presentations from having to be being the guru, source of all knowledge, to simply being a knowledgeable person who is having a conversation with people who are interested in your ideas, public speaking can actually start to be fun instead of scary.
In this one hour workshop, facilitators Michael and Anne share best practices for reducing nervousness, as well as best practices for how to be more dynamic and engaging in your next presentation.


We’ll discuss how to:


• Manage nerves before and during your talk
• Come across as confident and credible
• Develop confident body language for presenting
• Use best practices for delivery: pacing, emphasis & transitions
• How to warm up your body and voice to give a killer presentation


Format: 1 hour for large groups

Price: Contact Lighthouse for pricing