Anne teaching “Presence” at Facebook Tech Women’s Day 2016.

What is it, why does it matter, and how do I get it?


We’ve all met people who have an undeniable positive energy and confidence. How they carry themselves and their tone all send the same message of competence. They immediately connect with others. They clearly know their purpose in what they are doing. They manage to stay composed and present in stressful situations.


What exactly is going on there? I want to be able to do that, we think. It’s presence, and leadership in the fast-paced world of STEM demands such skills.


The truth is that we can all develop presence. It results from a mix of internal confidence and external behaviors that we can all possess – if we are willing to practice.


Approach: This workshop explores the 3 C’s of Presence. These three elements help women in business to be more conscious of how to command attention, maintain connection, and sustain presence in the most challenging situations. The workshop is a mix of discussion, video clips, small group practice. The workshop is geared for women, but all are welcome.


3 C’s of Presence


  1. Composure: How can you stay calm and collected enough to be able to think clearly? How can you stay confident when things don’t exactly as planned?  


  1. Cues: What physical and vocal cues are you sending when you walk into a room and start to communicate?


  1. Connection:  How can you make others feel more connected to you? How can you make your presence authentic?


Group Size: Can be for big or small groups

Length: 90 minutes