Anne teaching “Presence” at Facebook Tech Women’s Day 2016.

What is it, Why it matters, How to get it


We’ve all met people who have an undeniable positive energy and confidence. How they carry themselves and their tone both send the same message: they are competent. They immediately connect with others. They clearly know their purpose in what they are doing. They stay composed and present even in stressful situations.


What exactly is going on there? I want to be able to do that, we think. It’s presence, and leadership in the fast-paced world of STEM demands such skills. The truth is that we can all develop presence. It results from a mix of internal confidence and external behaviors that we can all possess—if we are willing to practice.


The 3 C’s of Presence:

  1. Composure: Best practices for getting calm, collected and confident before a high stakes situation. And, ways to stay that way in the moment.
  2. Cues: Body and voice fundamentals for conveying confidence and credibility. How to dial up and dial down habits depending on the context.
  3. Connection: How to increase our connection with others by sharing relevant stories. Learn the elements that make for a good story. Watch video examples.


This 90-minute workshop explores the 3 C’s of Presence.  The workshop is a mixture of discussion, video clips, small group practice. While geared towards underrepresented voices in the workplace, all are welcome.


Format: 1.5 hours

Class Size: unlimited