Our Team

The Lighthouse Team on their Professional Development Day in 2020.




anne-5Anne Ricketts – Founder & Principal

Anne Ricketts founded Lighthouse Communications in 2013 after seeing the need at many Bay Area companies with a heavy international workforce for English as a second language training. Anne has taught workshops at many of the top tech companies in the world. She was asked to be a speaker at Facebook Tech Women’s Day, and has coached executives for big keynote speeches at conferences such as TED and SXSW. Anne was also a communication coach for the Stanford Graduate School of Business from 2015-2017.

Anne grew up in the Bay Area, and attended the University of California at Davis where she majored in Italian.  Indulging her passion for world travel, Anne spent several years studying and teaching English in Florence. In 2004, Ricketts moved back to San Francisco and earned a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Upon graduation, worked as an English teacher at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she taught English to students from all over the world and served as the assistant Cross Country and Track and Field Coach. 


Michael Shehane – Instructional Designer & Facilitator 

Michael facilitates many of Lighthouse’s workshops as well as builds and maintains Lighthouse’s core curriculum. With an M.A. in language education from San Francisco State University and multiple years living abroad in Germany, Japan, and China, he highlights the values of linguistic and cultural inclusivity through his facilitation. He is also the founder of Michael J Shehane LLC. In 2019, Michael was a communication coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

In his free time, Michael teaches martial arts, practices yoga and meditation, and reads for his book club. He has recently earned a Master’s Certificate in Instructional Design through the University of Wisconsin Stout. 


Jen Visscher – Business Operations Manager 

Jen takes the day-to-day operations at Lighthouse Communications to the next level – communicating with clients, scheduling workshops, and simplifying business logistics. Her work helps our trainers and coaches focus on what they love most: connecting with the participants in their workshops and sharing the communication tools to help them succeed at work. She graduated from Santa Clara University with an MBA and in her spare time she’s listening to audiobooks on early morning runs and chasing after two toddlers.


Sheron Tabois – Facilitator & Coach

Sheron is a leadership consultant, training facilitator, and influential communication coach providing feedback to Managers, Directors, and C-level individuals on their behaviors and content during classes and one-on-one coaching sessions. She encourages leaders to step out of their comfort zone, practice various delivery techniques, and create impactful messages effective in driving listeners to action. She also works with clients from a variety of sectors to facilitate dialogue that encourages a healthy exchange of ideas. She is also the founder of Communicate with Style, Inc.

Passionate about cross-cultural communication, Sheron lived in Panama and Costa Rica as an instructor of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Upon her return to the United States, she worked for six years as the Sales and Marketing Executive at an international school for adult clients in San Francisco.


profile_2Christine Haas –  Facilitator & Coach

Christine has traveled around the world teaching courses to scientists and engineers on technical writing, storytelling, and presentation skills. With a special focus on developing slides that have targeted messaging and effective visuals, Christine bans the use of bullet-points to help her clients deliver focused content with confident delivery. She has taught clients across industry, government, and higher education, including The North Face, Texas Instruments, Sandia National Laboratory, European Southern Observatory (Chile), Simula Research Laboratory (Norway), and The Pennsylvania State University. Christine founded Christine Haas Consulting, LLC in July 2012.

She received her MBA in marketing and international business from Drexel University, and her BA in English and Film from Dickinson College. Christine’s job has led to some amazing experiences, including tobogganing down the Great Wall of China, attending the launch of the final U.S. space shuttle mission, and meeting Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Gregory Brown – Moderator for Virtual Workshops

Gregory is a moderator extraordinaire for Lighthouse’s virtual workshops. He handles the breakouts and the tech behind the scenes. Gregory began his studies in electrical engineering, yet quickly realized that he was better suited to combine his technological interests with his artistic abilities. Moderating supports his passionate pursuit of lifelong learning and self development. Outside of Lighthouse, he composes music for film and television, and is in the final stages of releasing his organic cereal to the public.


Burt Alper – Facilitator & Coach

Burt has dedicated his entire career to making exceptional communication a competitive advantage. He helps clients articulate their ideas more effectively through improved content development, storytelling, and presentation techniques.

Burt serves as an Adjunct Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as a presentation coach for Stanford’s highly-regarded LOWKeynotes program. He is also the founder of Burt Alper Consulting, LLC.

Burt earned his BA in Psycholinguistics from Swarthmore College and his MBA from Harvard Business School.  He likes to visit ancient ruins and sample wines from around the world (not so keen on ancient wines or local ruins).


Lauren Rauch – Facilitator & Coach

Lauren helps individuals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to communicate and lead more effectively. With 5 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Lauren facilitates professional development workshops on communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership. As a coach, Lauren works with clients on finding their authentic voice, building trust and confidence, and communicating through conflict. Outside the corporate world, Lauren trained cross-cultural dialogue for Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, and North American students, and led teacher-training workshops for language instructors in South America.

Lauren holds an MA in Intercultural Leadership from SIT Graduate Institute and a BA in International Studies from University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. She is certified in TESOL, Crucial Conversations, Integral Coaching and is the founder of Lauren Rauch Consulting, LLC.


Hilary Spreiter – Facilitator & Coach

Hilary Spreiter is a communications coach based in the Bay Area, and founder of Excel Communicating, LLC. For Lighthouse, Hilary teaches Effective Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, as well as Transforming Presentation Slides. Her favorite part about presentation coaching is helping speakers improve their body language and refine their content.

Hilary also works with executives, organizations, and students to generally improve their communication and sharpen their interview skills. Hilary began her communications career as a presentation workshop specialist at Stanford University, where she still works as a communication coach for the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She received her MLA with a focus on rhetoric from Stanford and her BS in Zoology from the University of Bristol, England.


Tani Peelgrane – Facilitator & Coach

Tani works with individuals and groups to develop executive presence, construct effective messages, and communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences. With her extensive experience as an executive coach, former position as lead training designer and facilitator at the California Academy of Sciences, and years as a high school and college educator, Tani has worked across North and South America, Australia, and Europe.

Tani creates training experiences that are learner-centered, motivating, engaging, professionally empowering, and tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals within the broader context of business and company culture.

She holds a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Melbourne and a double major BA in Spanish and Anthropology from the University of Queensland, as well as a TESOL certification. She is also the founder of Tasape, LLC.


Kara Levy – Facilitator & Coach

Kara Levy has been a communication coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business since 2010, and works with Bay area tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics to connect with audiences and maximize personal leadership presence. Kara also has extensive experience in the writing world: a fiction writer with an MFA from Columbia University, she has taught writing at multiple universities and mentored best-selling writers of business, memoir, academia, and fiction in crafting their narratives. She is also the founder of Kara Levy Coaching and is a loyal devotee of the New York bagel.