Impromptu Speaking

How to Speak off the Cuff with Success


Speaking off-the-cuff without preparation can be nerve racking. When we’re anxious, we sweat, we can’t think straight, we talk too quickly, we ramble, or we get tongue tied. Unfortunately, none of these behaviors exudes the confidence and credibility we desire to exhibit.


The great news is there are practical strategies that you can apply to impromptu speaking situations that will help you to stay calm and will help you to make your message more powerful and coherent. Practicing these strategies also helps, so when  you utilize these tools for speaking on the fly, you will be more successful in meetings, interviews, Q + A sessions, and more.


Topics include:

  • How to reframe the situation as an opportunity instead of a threat
  • Active listening techniques
  • Three frameworks to structure remarks
  • Delivery fundamentals important to speaking spontaneously


The class is fun, fast-paced, and interactive. Participants will receive numerous chances to practice and receive feedback from the instructor and their peers. Participants will also be filmed and will have the time to review the film for self-analysis.


Length: 90 minutes

Class Size: unlimited; good for large and small groups