This two – hour workshop focuses on both communication techniques and cultural awareness with the goal of enabling non-native English speakers to improve their ability to communicate more effectively in business settings. Whether with colleagues, clients, investors, partners or press, the ability to clearly explain and influence through effective and confident presentations is a significant benefit, and a challenge for individuals for whom English is not the first language. Through a combination of instruction, interaction, presentations and group participation this workshop will highlight best practices and raise awareness of the skills required to become an effective speaker, presenter and communicator.

 Topics include:

  • Active listening techniques
  • Improving pronunciation (pacing, phrasing, stress and rhythm of English, volume)
  • How to prepare for meetings and conversations to compensate for language challenges
  • How to make clear and concise points
  • Strategies and language for getting in and out of the conversation (interrupting, rewinding, holding your turn, wrapping up)


Length: 2 hours

Class Size: 6-10 participants

Cost: Email or call for pricing