Mastering Virtual Meetings

For the past few months, we’ve all been in countless hours of virtual meetings. While we’ve learned a lot along the way, there is still an opportunity to make our virtual meetings less draining, and more productive and enjoyable.

This 90-minute class focuses on how we can take our virtual meetings from bearable to truly effective. In order to master our virtual meetings, we will focus on three main topics:

  • Connection – Gain techniques to foster connection and improve online presence
  • Brevity – Learn useful frameworks for being clear and concise
  • Participation – Brainstorm and practice techniques for fostering engagement and discussion

The workshop is fast-paced and interactive. You will get an opportunity to practice in small groups throughout the workshop. Please be prepared to engage and have your cameras on. You will be getting feedback on your online presence. 


Class Size: up to 30 people 

Format: 90 minutes over Zoom