Virtual Meetings Skills

The ability to be an effective communicator has always been important. With recent changes in the world, the ability to be an effective communicator virtually is more critical than ever. Overnight, teams have moved their meetings 100% on-line, and with that change comes challenges of how to keep connection, participation and productivity going. 

 While the circumstances that brought us online are very unfortunate, virtual meetings don’t need to feel like the back-up option. The one fundamental way to change the effectiveness of our virtual meetings is energy. When we create and maintain an energetic environment for our virtual meetings, we have a more positive and productive outcome. 


The three topics covered in this workshop are: 

  • Connection – How to build that rapport and improve online presence 
  • Brevity – How to be clear and concise to keep the meeting moving forward 
  • Participation – Techniques to get meeting attendees engaged, focused and participating 


The workshop is fast-paced and interactive. You will get an opportunity to practice in small groups throughout the workshop. Please be prepared to have your cameras on. 


Class Size: up to 30 people 

Format: 90 minutes over Zoom