Connect…Inspire: Communication Skills for Leaders

Leaders who have the ability to connect and inspire when they communicate gain the attention and respect of their audience, and help grow their reputation as trusted leaders. This workshop provides insights and tools to help leaders do just that. This workshop is fast paced, fun, and highly interactive. Participants not only speak in front of the group several times, but also offer their feedback to peers. After the workshop, participants view their videos and then have time to talk with the instructor about ideas for improvement. Small group or follow-up 1:1s can be arranged for maximum value.


Topics include:

  • How to connect before you say a word
  • Make your audience feel your message with pacing and emphasis
  • Effective body language and volume
  • Improve content and connection by using stories
  • Learn what makes for a inspiring story
  • Develop and deliver a relevant story for practice, feedback, and filming
  • Prepare a concrete self-development action plan to improve current skills


Length: 10:00-3:00 with a 30 minute lunch

Class Size: up to 8 participants