The ability to clearly and confidently share an idea is a skill that has dramatic benefits. As individuals grow in their careers, this ability becomes more and more crucial. Wherever you are in your career, we can help up-level your communication so your ideas resonate.


Who we are

We’re a team of seasoned communications professionals with diverse backgrounds. We’re passionate about communication because we believe that anyone can become a more effective communicator with a little guidance and coaching. Our clients range from the largest tech firms to world-class business schools to start-ups. 

Some members of the Lighthouse team on a Zoom call.

Our company values

  • Be prepared – The most powerful communication comes from preparation and practice. 
  • Be clear – Seek to be precise and concise.  
  • Be inclusive – Think dialogue, not monologue. Seek to connect.  
  • Be authentic – Be conversational, be yourself.  
  • Be confident – Show confidence through your body language and voice. Own it. 

We embody these values when we teach and coach our clients to do the same. 

What we do

We provide tools, practice, and feedback to deliver your message with more impact. Whether that’s helping you on your content or your delivery, or both. Through our coaching, clients feel more confident and prepared to communicate in a variety of settings. We deliver both virtual and in person experiences. 

How we do it

We follow three main principles in our approach:

  1. Learn by doing. We believe people transform their communication skills through guided practice and feedback, not by simply discussing theory or listening to an expert. All  of our experiences  are designed for individuals to get as much practice as possible.
  2. Use simple frameworks: We love frameworks! We teach our clients simple and easy to remember frameworks for everything from preparing presentations, delivering impromptu points, to how to come across confidently on video calls.
  3. Make it fun: We hear this all the time, “I was nervous coming into the workshop, but that was really fun! The time flew by!” That’s our goal: to help people improve their communication in a fun and supportive setting.