Deliver Like a Pro

You’ve got the content. You know your stuff. But your message just isn’t quite getting through. The audience is checking their email and your time is up before you get to the final point. Let’s get to work and fix it. In this workshop we’ll break down how to demonstrate confidence and credibility, audience connection, techniques making your message pop in a way that invites interaction and retention. 

Participants learn important delivery best practices for body language, volume, pacing and emphasis through video examples, demonstration from the teacher, and numerous opportunities to speak in front of the group for feedback.  Regardless of each person’s ability, everyone will improve due to the customized aspect of the class. The result is participants’ improved ability to deliver ideas with poise, confidence and impact whether in a one-on-one, a big meeting, or a major presentation.

The class is fast-paced, interactive and fun—with a mix of instruction, small group practice, video examples, individual mini-presentations, and reviewing themselves on film.


Participants will:

  • Practice managing nerves
  • Refine body language and habits to increase confidence and credibility
  • Manage pacing and emphasis to gain listener attention
  • Reduce fillers, disclaimers and other bad habits
  • Utilize structures to clearly and concisely convey your message
  • Practice presenting for feedback and filming


Length: 3 hours with a 10-minute break

Class size: 10 people or less