Craft and Deliver a Killer Elevator Pitch

What’s your idea? What’s your business? An entrepreneur’s ability to answer these questions clearly and concisely means winning new business and finding potential investors. Entrepreneurs need to be ready at the drop of a hat to explain what they do, what makes them unique, and why the listener should care. This is challenging enough when English is your native language, but for a non-native speaker, an additional element of prep and practice is required.


In this 2 – hour workshop, the instructor provides a simple framework for crafting an effective elevator pitch for a variety of audiences such as potential investors, clients, networking conferences, etc. The workshop also covers common pitfalls. For example, often entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that listeners already understand the context of their new business or idea. Therefore, they need to first give adequate background information. And they must explain it in a high-level, but, at the same time, specific way. This involves preparation. In this way one can avoid the dreaded “What’d you just say?” response.


Finally, participants write down their entire pitches and rehearse delivering them to different audiences. After a rigorous feedback session, they then revise and practice them. They leave the workshop armed with a logical, well thought-out, rehearsed mini-talk that will enhance their ability to impress and interest others in their ideas and projects.


Length: 2 hours

Class Size: Flexible