Effective Presentation Skills for Women


Anne at Netflix in May 2015

The leadership abilities of women who work in the male dominated fields of science, tech, engineering, math (STEM), are often undermined by gender stereotypes. Yet, more than ever, companies need women to be fully engaged in these fields, especially as leaders.

The Women in Business workshop gives women the invaluable time and space to share their experiences working in male-dominated environment. With these challenges in mind, participants explore strategies for getting their ideas across effectively and with more impact. They work on techniques to increase their credibility, confidence, visibility and communication style. Sandra Day O’Conner has a pillow that declares, “I’m not bossy. I just have better ideas.” The goal of this workshop is to make sure that women get their strong ideas across in the most persuasive way possible. That their “better ideas” don’t die, but instead are communicated in the most persuasive possible way.


Topics for the workshop include:

  • Discuss Challenges for Women in a Male-Dominated Workplace
  • Confident Body Communication
  • How to Establish Instant Credibility
  • Strategies for Reducing Nervousness
  • Tips and Tricks from Successful Women
  • How to Own a Room
  • Video Analysis of Effective Female Speakers
  • How to Minimize Getting Interrupted
  • Delivery: Pacing and Emphasis
  • Delivering a Mini-Presentation for Feedback


Length: 7.5 hours

Class size: 10 participants or less