Effective Presentation Skills


Anne at Netflix in May 2015

Giving a presentation can be fun! Does that seem counterintuitive? Many people associate presentations with nervousness, stage fright, and hours of preparation. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are proven techniques and tools that can turn the experience into a positive one in which you can feel the audience respond, and you know that they get your message. Whether it’s a meeting, a conference or in your personal life, the ability to be an effective and persuasive presenter is an important skill with dramatic benefits.


This workshop – Effective Presentation Skills – is designed to help you make that change. In a lively, interactive way we will break down the key skills for preparing and delivering presentations, and more importantly practice what we’ve learned.


With a mix of instruction, coaching, and video analysis each participant will gain understanding and confidence throughout the day as we practice speaking skills in front of the group. The highlight of the day is an opportunity to prepare and deliver a short presentation in front of the group, which we video, review and discuss. The highly interactive nature of the workshop ensures that participants will leave with new skills and techniques that they can put to immediate use.


Participants will:

  • Learn to project confidence with body language and voice
  • Discover strategies to reduce nervousness and increase presence
  • Understand effective pausing and emphasis and how to reduce filler language
  • Learn to prepare effectively for a successful presentation
  • Learn to reframe data in a more compelling way using stories
  • Learn to organize content for flow and effectiveness
  • Create and deliver a mini-presentation
  • Receive personalized instructor feedback and video


Class Size: 10 or less

Format: 9:30 am – 5 pm with a 45-minute lunch and several breaks