Effective Presentation Skills


Practicing confidence through “The Matador Walk”

This workshop gives participants the tools they need to craft and deliver their ideas with poise and confidence whether in a one-on-one meeting, a big meeting, or a major presentation.


Each participant will get the chance to delivery a 3-5 minute presentation for feedback, as well as receive numerous opportunities throughout the day to practice speaking in front of the group. At the end of the workshop, participants will review the videos of their presentations throughout the day and see the transformation for themselves.


Topics include:


-How to Establish Credibility
-Strategies for Overcoming Nervousness
-How to Own a Room
-Delivery: Pacing and Emphasis
-How to Prepare
-How to Create Compelling Content with Vivid Language, Stories and Analogies § Audience Assessment
-Watch the Masters: Analyze Their Delivery and Content
-Individual presentations with rigorous feedback (videotaped)



Prior to the workshop, participants will prepare a brainstorm for a 3-5 minute presentation they will give in the afternoon portion of the workshop. The presentation can be a work related topic or personal.


Length: 1 -Day (7.5 hours)

Class Size: 10 or less

Cost: Email or call for pricing