Advanced Presentation Skills

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This class is designed for people who consider themselves to be competent public speakers that wish to gain new insights and techniques that they can use to move their skills to a higher level. The course is also geared for those who previously attended the Effective Presentation Skills course and wish to continue advancing.


People are presenting on a daily basis, formally and informally. Besides giving individual presentations, people are also communicating company goals and other business matters using prepared slides in meetings and external talks. In this environment it can be challenging for presenters to connect with the content and to make it their own. This advanced public speaking class helps them to be more effective in all of these situations by helping them to develop their own personal style. This allows them to feel more comfortable, more powerful, and to be more persuasive when they deliver their message.




Topic include: 

  • Learn about three basic speaking style categories
  • Discover their own natural speaking styles
  • Learn techniques that play to their strengths
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Learn how to deal effectively with audience interaction
  • Refine their vocal variety and body language during delivery
  • Practice short presentations for feedback
  • Review film of their presentation
  • Develop a self-improvement plan
  • Have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching post class


Length: 4- Hours

Class size: 10 or less

Cost: Email or call for pricing