Transforming Presentation Slides

In this era of infinite content, cutting through clutter to provide a clear and engaging message sets you apart. However, the majority of slides in technical presentations fail to focus and engage the audience. Instead, the barrage of words and bullet points act as a barrier to the audience’s understanding and don’t support the presenter’s main point. In this dynamic three-hour course, workshop participants will walk away with better strategies for creating presentation slides. These strategies, backed by extensive cognitive science research, will transform how technical presenters think about their work and the message they have to share.


Topics include:


  1. Creating a strong opening title slide to hook your audience from the start
  2. Developing concise messages for each of your slides and pairing those with the appropriate visual
  3. Selecting the best type of visual for your content
  4. Identifying and removing extra noise from your slides
  5. Strengthening other typical types of slides, like agenda slides, intro slides, and conclusion slides


Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to identify a presentation they’ve given or are planning to give, and to bring the slides for that talk to the course on a laptop.


Length: 3 Hours

Class size: 15

Cost: Email or call for pricing


This course is taught in partnership with Christine Haas Consulting, LLC.