Storytelling Workshop: Level 1

Lighthouse CommunicationsStorytelling Workshop: Level 1

From Good to Great – Using Story for Influence


Description: Storytelling is the new buzzword; and for good reason. It’s at the cellular level of all communication – whether it’s a book, movie, cartoon, joke, speech, photograph, artwork, song or dance. It’s creative, organic, engaging, soul satisfying, and useful in multiple situations.


Learn how to tell stories that will help you launch projects, build trust, close the deal, and inspire others. For example – your story – the one about being allergic to strawberries and the time you ate the fruit because you desperately wanted to fit in, and had dire consequences – will illustrate your intended message that compliance and silence has its drawbacks, much more than saying “Speak up when its important”. It’s the most powerful indirect form of communication. All good stories are unforgettable.


Topics include:


• The 5 types of stories every leader should have
• Story Structure
• When to use story
• Story development and feedback in small groups
• Personal reflection on how to use stories more in business



Class size: 30 or less

Format: 2 hours

Cost: Email or call for pricing