Use your Smartphone to Become a Better Speaker

Use your Smartphone to Become a Better Speaker


What do most people fear? Public speaking. What do most people love? Their smartphones. Why not combine the two to become a more comfortable and confident presenter?!


10 years ago a communications expert might have recommended joining Toastmasters or hiring a personal coach to become a better public speaker. While both are still encouraged, nowadays we can’t deny the the power of our smartphones: they offer simple and meaningful ways to optimize our lives, and this includes improving our presentation delivery game.


Here are 5 effective ways that you can use your smartphone to become a better public speaker.



1) Quantify Your Hesitation with LikeSo


The LikeSo app will keep track of these pesky filler words like “you know,” “so,” “like,” “basically,” and “essentially.” These words water down your message and can be downright distracting for your audience. Also, this app will keep track of your speed and tell you if you are speaking too fast or too slow. For your information, an ideal public speaking speed is roughly 140-160 words per minute. Only Available on Apple Products for $0.99.



2) Record Yourself!


Now that you’ve practiced a bit and are feeling good about your content, focus on polishing up your delivery with your smartphone’s camera app. Prop your phone up on a cup or books, or use one of these nifty tripods for smartphones, and film yourself while you rehearse.


In terms of reviewing the film, first review the video with the sound off. This will help you focus on your body language. Is there anything distracting that you’re doing (shifting side to side, hands in your pocket, fidgeting with an article of clothing). Do you smile and look friendly? Do you look like you’re breathing and relaxed? Take some notes and keep in mind your observations for the next round of rehearsal.


Then, turn the sound on and look away to focus on listening to your voice. Are you taking pauses? Are you using fillers words or sounds like um, uh? What do you want to change for next time?



3) Present in Front of a Virtual Audience


Now we are living in the future! Download the free VirtualSpeech VR app for use on Oculus and Google Cardboard, upload your slidedeck, and practice your speech in front of a realistic audience. This virtual reality app will give you feedback on filler words, speed or pace, and eye contact. Available on Oculus and Google Cardboard for free.




4) Use Your Calendar to Schedule Time to Rehearse


On your calendar of preference (Google, Apple, Microsoft), schedule and set reminders for 10-20 minute practice sessions leading up to your presentation day. You’ll thank the future you when your phone beeps or buzzes you to remind you to break from your routine and rehearse — maybe as you take a walk around your office building or on your way to lunch. The more times you rehearse, the more confident you will be the day of the presentation.



5) Be Mindful and Get into a Good Headspace


Instead of using your phone to check emails or Facebook before your big talk, use it to help you calm down and focus. There are many meditation apps, but two of our favorites are Headspace and The Mindfulness App. As you meditate, imagine your success. Imagine walking up to the front of the room, imagine feeling confident, imagine conveying your happiness to your audience as you present! Headspace available on Google Play, The App Store, and Amazon with in-app purchases. The Mindfulness App available on Google Play and The App Store for $4.99.